Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fee Sexy elegant taste of honey

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Fee Sexy elegant taste of honey ‧ lace pajamas (white)
○● 让男人完全无法抵挡你的美●○…… ○ ● Let your man completely unable to resist the U.S. ● ○ ... ...
绵绵舒适的透明纯白网纱+ 粉嫩色系点缀滚边 Amid a transparent white gauze comfort + pink color decorative trim
加上胸前荷叶边设计使酥胸看起来更甜美可口 Yebian designed to make breasts with chest look more sweet and delicious
优雅又挟带着性感气息 Elegant and sexy atmosphere laden with

让男人完全无法抵挡你的美~~!! So that men can not resist your beauty, entirely

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